Welcome to your home base for

Legacy Score.

Our program, Legacy Score is a new experience in scoring baseball and softball games. It is efficient and accurate,
but also easy, intuitive, and fun. All game records and
player stats for multiple teams over multiple seasons
are saved and archived in your own ‘on-board’ database.

Legacy Score also provides remote access to game scores  and a robust set of hitting and pitching stats  … including hit and pitch tracking features you won’t find anywhere else.

Download a free trial and see for yourself what
Legacy Score can do for you.

The Legacy Advantage...

Combines the best features of manual scoring with the latest Windows technology

Internet not required for scoring or stat keeping

Full ownership & control over all game records and player stats (data is on your PC)

Fully Featured: Pitch and Hit Tracking, Scorecards, Box Scores, Play by Play, and much more…

Preserve game records and player stats over full lifetime of teams & players.

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