a comprehensive scoring & record keeping system
for amateur baseball & softball.

The Highlights

1. A Full Screen Scoring System that is Efficient, Easy- to-Use, Intuitive, and Fun

Our Legacy Score program provides a robust user interface that takes full advantage of the Windows platform.  It is quicker and more powerful than any of the cloud-based apps that dominate the marketplace currently; and it is a stable and stand-alone system that does not require Internet access.   But most of all, baseball enthusiasts and all serious scorekeepers will enjoy the efficiency, the accuracy, the ease- of-use, and the intuitive approach that is used to score games.

2. Full ownership & Control

With the Legacy Score Program, all the game data is stored on your PC device; and you have full control over that data for the full lifetime of your favorite players and teams.  There are no fees and no hassles of any kind for data retrievals as there is from cloud-based vendors.

3. Comprehensive Coverage of all Game and Player Stats

With the Legacy Score program, users will have full access to a wide range of scoring and game analysis features.  Here is a list of some of those features:  Box Scores, Score Cards, Pitch and Hit Tracking, Play by Play, Full Game Recaps, Game-Casting.   And you have a full set of reporting features before, during, and after the games you score (for lineups, substitutions, play-by-play, box scores, scorecards, to name just a few).

4. Full Archiving of All Games over Multiple Years

With the Legacy Score program, users will be able to maintain player and team records over the full lifetime of their favorite teams and for the complete playing careers of their favorite players.  This should make this product especially appealing to dads and moms looking to save and cherish all the game records for their sons and daughters, as well as coaches who wish to develop players over multiple years.

5. Remote Game Score / Gamecast Feature available in real-time

All Legacy Game Score users will be able to share Game Scores and Game Stats on a real time basis (provided there is access to WIFI or other internet connection service).  This program feature will be free of charge for all remote users. Legacy Score program will need to be downloaded and installed on each remote PC device.

6. Pitch Tracking and Hit Tracking

The Legacy Score program includes several scoring options that will provide detailed pitch tracking results. This feature will be extremely useful to coaches and team managers who wish to scout the teams they are going to play, and develop detailed pitching stats, including graphical displays of all pitches such as:  pitch types, speeds, and locations.   Details are also provided for hitting stats.

System Requirements

The Legacy Score program runs on any Windows PC, but it works best on notebooks and tablets with touch screens of 12 inches or more.  All scoring plays and all program selections are made by screen touches or mouse clicks (whatever the preference of the user).

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